New Number Plates

Government determined that the only legal type of number plate to be used in the Province of Gauteng shall be displayed on a metal plate, to be referred to as a number plate and which complies with standard specification SABS 1116: "Retro-reflective Registration Plates for Motor Vehicles"

Note: The acrylic or plastic
number plates will be phased out by 2013

We offer the following Services:

Gauteng New Number Plates

We emboss the number plates on site as per SABS standards and requirements by government
We punch the 4 holes in each plate as per required standard by law with a special metal punch
We supply the attachment frame that will replace the plastic backing plate. The number
plate will be riveted onto the Attachment Frame with special imported rivets
We have a SABS approved fitment centre
Our mobile fitment unit will deliver and fit your number plates on your premises or at
your office to save you time
We have a delivery service for your convenience

Personalised Number Plates

We offer personalised number plates

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